Phone number verification code wasn’t sent to my phone. What should I do?

Let’s solve the issue together!
1. Could you have entered your phone number incorrectly? We first suggest you check your phone number again. If you have already checked, please request a new code from the verification screen. Hopefully, your problem has already solved! But if not, please try the other methods below.
2. Your mobile service provider may be blocking short-coded SMS that Samplico uses to contact you. You may contact your mobile service provider to confirm that short-coded SMSs are enabled in your mobile account.
3. The phone number you used while signing up may be verified by a different account and already registered in the system. Since you can only have one account, re-sending code will not be provided at this point. If you still have not received a confirmation SMS after checking all three situations or you have encountered different problems, please share your phone number with us via and we will help you as soon as possible to make sure that your account was set up correctly.

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