Drive Sales with
hyper-targeted product

Create the sampling program of your dreams!
No matter what you sampling needs are, we’ve got you covered. Millions of data points are used to create targeted and hyper-targeted segments that can be used to match right products with right consumers.

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We believe in the power of sampling solutions that can keep up with your ever changing needs. Discover our two business models we crafted for you!

Scale up with
Multi-Brand Boxes.

If you want to reach high volumes
this is the box for your brand!

Claim space for your brand in our monthly themed sampling boxes with +3 brands, sent to targeted groups of highly engaged community members.

Exclusive reach with
Branded Boxes.

Design exclusive sampling assortment in a branded package, determine your volume and sample to a hyper-targeted set of our community.

If you have upcoming product range launches and if you want to create social buzz this is the box for your brand!

Denebunu - Tap into powerful consumer insights.

Reach new audiences
with hyper-targeted
segmentation algorithm.

Ensuring your samples are put into the hands of the right consumers at the right time. With Samplico’s advanced algorithms and tools, brands can target only the consumers they want to reach.

Member Profile Survey contains tens of detailed questions to help identify consumer segments.

Leverage Consumer Insights.

After your sampling program, you’ll receive a post-trial feedback report which provides a full campaign deep dive, identifying key insights, recommendations, conversion, purchase intent and social media interactions of members on our analytics dashboard Menta by Samplico.

Menta is an all at one live tracking platform designed for Brands! Manage your campaigns real-time and accelerate your brand's performance.

Denebunu - Tap into powerful consumer insights.
Denebunu - Drive revenue. Unleash the power of reviews.

Your Sampling Journey

identify your target audience and approve your proposal on Menta
fill in information about your product to be sampled and identify feedback questions on Menta
send your product samples to Samplico’s warehouse for handling and delivery progress.
send your product samples to Samplico’s warehouse for handling and delivery progress.
access post-trial consumer insights report on Menta
amplify the voice of your customer with Ratings & Reviews

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Our sampling platform is all about what product sampling should be. Quick, effective and measurable.

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