Nair Charcoal Leg Mask

Nair Charcoal Leg Mask

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The first depilatory cream to combine the benefits of a treatment mask while effectively removing hair. 

It’s 3-in-1 formula will remove all visible hair, hydrate, soften and detoxify the skin, and can help minimise regrowth 

With 100% natural clay and charcoal extract, the Nair Leg Mask removes impurities, leaving skin looking & feeling smooth and radiant. 


How to Use: 

1. Apply the Nair™ Leg Mask to legs

Spread the formula all over your legs to create a thick and even layer - do not rub in. Wash your hands immediately after application. 

2. Relax for 5 minutes

The Nair™ Leg Mask helps to gently exfoliate legs while moisturising the skin.

3.Check a small area on your legs

See if the hair wipes away. If your skin is smooth and hair free, the mask can be rinsed off.

If there’s still some hair, you can keep the mask on for few more minutes (coarse hair may take longer than fine hair).

Do not exceed 10 minutes in total.

4.Wipe away

Use a damp washcloth to wipe away. Then rinse away any residue left over, in the shower.

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Samantha A.
Samantha A. · 33 · Folkestone
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I found this cream quite good, I have used lots of different hair removal creams in the past and I would say this is one of the the better ones. I only tried this on a small area to start with to check first, the scent is like a clean face mask sort of smell with a hint of that usual hair removal cream odour. I left it for the recommended 5 mins, had no reactions at all and I didnt get any tingly or itchy feeling like I have in the past with other ones I’ve tried. The hair wiped off as I rinsed and looked and felt smooth. I do have dark thick hair and could still see a tiny specks where it hadn’t got it all but that is hair removal creams for you. They give you a lovely smooth finish but you have got to be realistic if your hairs like mine. These creams do not remove from the root so don’t expect to your legs to look like you've just waxed. As long as you know this you shouldn’t be disappointed. My legs did feel more moisturised than normal and after drying felt like I had put lotion on already. I think the only thing that lets it down slightly is that it cannot be used on bikini area or other sensitive areas, which would of been a bonus. Overall this is a good product and does what it says on the tube, I would recommend this hair removal cream and will be using again.
Bryony W.
Bryony W. · 28 · Bournemouth
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
Looking at this product, I was impressed by the size of the tube and I really liked the packaging, it isn't overly feminine looking, which was a bonus to me. One con is that the foil seal of the tube was really hard to pull off, and I ended up having to use scissors (never had this issue before!!) The scent of the product isn't amazing, but I wouldn't mark it down because of this, I've tested many types of hair removal cream and they all have the same distinct ammonia smell. I really liked the fact that it has natural clay and charcoal extract in as it looked and felt different to other hair removal creams. The instructions of the tube was also very clear and easy to follow. I think the grey colour is much better than the standard white hair removal creams as I can clearly see how much I am putting on, and the thickness of the cream meant that I only had to use very little. I suspect that it'll take months before I get through the tube which is worth the price. The cream did the job, and removed my leg hair which is brilliant, but I didn't like the texture of my hands after washing the cream off, it left a weird oily layer on my hands which didn't feel nice. Although, it did leave my legs feeling quite smooth and I haven't felt the need to moisturise them afterwards. Overall, I am happy with the product, as I've tested quite a few hair removal creams and this one is the best one i've tried so far, but I am not convinced to stop shaving and start using hair removal creams.
Emma Andreea K.
Emma Andreea K. · 25 · Leeds
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
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I have thick dark brown hair on my legs with quite large portions of "bald" patches as a result of years of removing it with various hair removal methods. I applied the product on my legs using my bare hands although I would have appreciated an eco friendly compostable spatula (so as to not produce additional waste to the planet) that would come in with the product. I try as much to avoid touching these kind of products with my bare hands as sometimes a contact dermatitis flares up. I have experienced no irritation on my legs so far but my palms were left slightly red after getting in contact with this product, a thing which I expected. Even people with resilient skin should not directly touch this kind of product with their bare hands and instead apply it with a spatula or gloves. After I finished applying the product I left it to act for the maximum stated amount of time on the packaging which is 10 minutes. The product did not manage to remove all the hairs on my legs in the first go, a thing which is to be expected for people having thick darker hair. I am sure the remaining hair will be successfully removed with subsequent applications. I will continue using this product one per week so as to not disrupt my skin's acid mantle barrier. The product has mild exfoliating properties so I will ensure that I will not overdo it. I am quite pleased with this product's ability to remove thick hair and smooth my skin. I will continue using it.
Selina R.
Selina R. · 37 · Holywell
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
I have never used depilatory creams before and was a little apprehensive about it in all honesty. I was sent the nair charcoal leg mask to sample and whilst I was a little uncertain I decided to bite the bullet and just give it a go. There are no other words than saying I found it a complete game changer !!!! I thickly put it onto my legs . The product states that it can be left on for 5 -10 minutes so I decided that eight minutes seemed a reasonable time to let it work. Once the time was up I used a warm wet washcloth to remove the cream. I found that rubbing it in a circular motion worked wonders . It was mess free, hassle free and gave an instant smoothness. My first thoughts were why on earth haven't I used such products years ago. The only downpours is the initial smell. I can only make comparisons towards a chemical perm solution - but what does that matter when the product is so effective . The level of love I have for this mask culminated in me placing an online order for 2 more whilst it was half price on sale. I will be continuing to use it and will be recommending it to all my friends .
Laura S.
Laura S. · 25 · Glasgow
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
This is my first time using Nair's hair removal creams as I previously was disappointed by other brands' products. Was not expecting too much to be honest, but ended up with a surprisingly good result. First of all, the instructions must be followed to a T to get the best possible result. I tried removing the cream with just water when doing a spot test on my sensitive skin, and it didn't come off easily that way, so you really need to use a sponge or washcloth, hence why some similar products are bundled with one. I'd rather limit generated waste, so I don't mind this product not coming with one. After a bit of leg-TLC, my legs were significantly less hairy than before. I epilate my legs every weekend or other, and I unfortunately end up with ingrown hairs no matter what I do, how I prepare and exfoliate my skin before and after. Fortunately, this cream worked on those as well. My gripe with the product is that a single application does not seem to be enough to do the job 100%, so you may need to use it twice, which is a bit of a product waste, especially with the price tag coneidered. The scent, the consistency were both fine, nothing special. My skin did not break out, which is a good sign. Overall, I liked this product, but I wish it was a bit more powerful, and that I could use it in more areas of my body than just my legs.
San-D G.
San-D G. · 35 · Northampton
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
It was pretty good! i have quite thick hair and some stubborn ones too, works brilliantly on my arms, but my legs seemed like a bit more work. It has the scent that you would expect of a hair removal cream but not quite as strong which is good and it definitely leaves them nice and moisturised which is a huge bonus for me. The only thing I would say is that, it would be good if it came with a sponge like some of the veet hair removal creams do, it maybe easier to remove all the hairs that way too, but you can just use a damp flannel. It can be quite messy when applying, but it is thick, so easy enough to apply. The results are so much more pleasant then shaving and leaves them so soft, I was really impressed, it would be great if they could get a nice scented cream. It does of course take time, so you need to make sure you have plenty of time to apply and wash it off, i would recommend not doing in on the same night you are going out, but the night before
Ashley C.
Ashley C. · 27 · St. Helens
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
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I have tried the Nair leg mask and think it great, especially for those who get “strawberry” legs like myself. It applies like a charcoal face mask and surprisingly smells much more pleasant than the other Nair depilatory creams available. After leaving it on for about 8 minutes and after washing it off my legs felt lovely and smooth. Overall, I think I would definitely purchase this product again in the future as it made my legs feel silky smooth, helped with the strawberry legs, smelt lovely considering previous experience and I didn’t even up with razor nicks - bonus! If you’re looking for that 5-10 minute leg pamper then I recommend this product to you.
Eilidh C.
Eilidh C. · 24 · Glasgow
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
I applied a small amount first for the purposes of a comparison. I felt like the typical eggy/chemical Nair smell was still present, even though the charcoal somewhat masks this. The smell is less strong than Nair’s other products but still somewhat unpleasant. It was difficult to apply while trying to avoid rubbing the product in, and I was worried in case my hands might also smell of the product. I did not feel any tingling or burning sensation. After 5 minutes, the product had not removed any hair. After 8 minutes, some of my hair had been removed. After 10 minutes (the maximum amount of time) the cream had removed about 95% of the hair that I had tested it on. There did not appear to be any lingering smell. My legs did feel smooth although I am not certain that they were any smoother than they would’ve been had I shaved and they did not feel particularly moisturised. I did not notice any obvious difference in hair regrowth. I feel as though shaving would be more effective and more efficient however this product may be useful to people who are prone to razor burn etc and cannot tolerate shaving.
Anita F.
Anita F. · 27 · Leicester
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
This is a hair removal cream, and its unique selling point lies in using charcoal and promising a smooth, moisturised result. Having tried out the product, I was very sad to see that it has not removed all my hair. It has definitely removed some, but it is disappointing to wait 10 minutes for incomplete results, especially as the cream cannot be applied again for fear of damaging your skin. This meant I had to follow up with my razor to get rid of all the hair, which meant I spent ages in total removing my hair. I also really disliked the "moisturised" effect it left on my legs. I felt incredibly slimy once I removed the cream. It was a feeling I couldn't get rid of, no matter how much I showered. I also very strongly disliked the smell of the product. Once I applied it to my legs, its smell turned very funny. It smelled like some sort of meat gone wrong during cooking. Overall, I don't think this product delivered. If it cannot remove all my hair in one application, then all it's doing is add time to my hair removal routine because I need to follow up after using it with a different hair removal method.
Amber K.
Amber K. · 25 · Congleton
What is your overall rating for this product? (1: Very Bad, 5: Very Good)
How would you review this product?
I have used similar products in the past and one difference I could tell straight away is the smell.. it smells SO much better that other hair removal creams I've used in the past, it does still smell a little 'odd' but not bad at all, and the smell doesn't linger on your skin! It worked as well as I would expect, the hair was gone after removing the cream (other than a couple of stray hairs here and there) and it didn't leave my skin feelig tight like normal hair removal creams I've used. I don't have sensitive skin, but other creams have left my skin feeling a little sensitive/sore after using it a few times... This one doesn't seem to have that issue so far!